Common FAQs

This article is designed as an FAQ to highlight some of the key features and most commonly asked questions from our partners.

Getting Started FAQs:

Q: Do you have a platform overview? 

A: Yes please see the following short videos for a walkthrough of each section of the platform. 

What all is included in the platform?

Platform Walkthrough

Brand Settings Walkthrough

Calculator Product Guide

Widgets Product Guide


Q: How do I publish calculators to my website?

A: Follow our Publishing FAQ.

Remember: Once you’ve added the embed code to your site, any changes to the calculators done via the platform will automatically show up. The code won’t change, and you can do all the customization you need in real-time.


Q: How can I set up Floating Widgets?

A: Floating Widgets are an amazing way to increase engagement and conversions. You have floating widgets included for every one of your calculators and you can publish them on as many URLs as you'd like.

Many of our clients choose to publish floating widgets on product pages, landing pages, and even article pages for a specific topic (for example a "mortgage calculator" widget on an article page for "How Much Home Can You Afford?")

Here is how you can create and edit widgets for your calculators

Product FAQs:

Q: What should I do if my calculators and/or widgets are not displaying on my webpage?

A:  If your calculators or widgets are not appearing on the webpage, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Ensure that the Chimney Embed Site Script is added to the HTML of the website or webpage.

Step 2: Confirm that the calculator <div>  is present in the HTML of the webpage exactly where you would like for the calculator to show up.

Step 3: Try clearing your cache. 

If your widgets are not displaying follow these additional steps:

When troubleshooting the display of a widget you do not need to confirm step 2 as widgets use targeting settings and not a calculator <div> to display on your website. 

 Step 4: Check the targeting settings of the widget(s). 

Step 5: Verify that the widget itself is in the "published" state and not in "draft" mode.


Q: Why are my calculators loading slowly?

A: To ensure the script loads as fast as possible, add the Chimney Embed Site Script to the <header> of the page.

By placing the Chimney Embed Site Script in the <header> section of your website (or page), you can optimize the load time of the calculator. This allows the calculator to start rendering quickly without unnecessary delays.


Q: Can I have a widget on a page without the calculator embedded on the page?

A: Yes, it is possible to display a widget without showing the calculators on the page. To achieve this, you will need to remove the calculator <div> associated with the calculator from your webpage's code. Additionally, make sure to update the targeting settings for the widget to specify the URL(s) where you would like the widget to be displayed and ensue the widget is moved from "Draft" to "Publish". 

Q: Can I customize the fonts of the tools to match my website styling?

A: At the moment, customization of fonts outside of the fonts that are provided in the platform is not supported. We prioritize maintaining ADA compliance and ensuring the design integrity of our calculators. However, there are a couple of options available if you wish to update the fonts:

  1. You can override the font with CSS selectors - if you choose to do this, the calculator may go against ADA compliance.
  2. For the header and subheader text, you can delete the header and subheader within our platform. From there, you can then add a header directly within the CMS. 

Q: What should I do if the calculator is not displaying correctly on my website?

A: When adding a calculator to a web page the breakpoints should be at least 800 pixels wide. If the container is smaller than 800 pixels it will not display the calculator correctly.

Chimney Support:

Q: How do I contact the Chimney team if I have a question?

A: You can get in touch with our team in two ways for the fastest response. When you email our US based team, we create a ticket to ensure a timely resolution to your questions.

📫 Send us an email -
💬 Chat us in the platform - you can find the “Help Chat” in the bottom left corner of the platform.