Calculator Product Guide

Check out the Calculator Product Guide video below!

Video Summary: Our Calculator Product guide video reviews the following:

  • Access the specific calculator you want to update by clicking “edit.”
  • Customize the calculator’s brand colors by creating a new color scheme if desired.
  • Modify the title and subtitle of the calculator or leave them blank to use your CMS text.
  • Add two call-to-action (CTA) buttons to the calculator for an interactive experience.
  • Assign URLs to each CTA button, such as “apply now” or “learn more.”
  • Utilize advanced customization to adjust labels, rates, values, and tool tips.
  • Preview the updates before saving and setting them live.
  • Save and set live any changes made in each section to ensure they are applied.
  • Publish the calculator on your website by clicking the “publish” option.
  • Consider creating a resource center with individual URLs for each calculator to enhance SEO visibility.
  • Embed calculators on product pages and relevant blog articles for a seamless user experience.
  • Place the calculators in the upper half of the page for better visibility.

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