Setting up your brand settings

It’s time to add your branding! Brand settings enable you to customize the visual aspects of your calculators to match your brand.

To set up your brand settings, follow these steps:

The brand settings in your account will add branding universally for all of the calculators in your account. 

  • Step 1: In the "Brand Settings" page click into the Setup Wizard in the upper right-hand corner:
    • This will take you to the configuration page where you can manage your brand settings and other customization options.

    • Note: The radius of the Call to Action buttons can only be adjusted within the setup wizard as shown below:

You can also update the the following settings outside of the Setup Wizard by following the instructions below:

Click "Save and Set Live" in each step to save any changes made.

  • Step 1: Customize your brand colors:
    • Click the "Add New" button to create a new color scheme.
    • Choose your three primary hex codes for your brand colors.
    • Give your color scheme a name.
    • Click "Add Color Scheme" to save your changes.

  • Step 2: Select your fonts:
    • Choose the font type and font sizes that best represent your brand. (Note: You can hide the title and subtitle copy on your "Calculators" screen if desired by leaving these fields blank). 

  • Step 3: Call to Action buttons:
    • Set up your call to action buttons by specifying the copy, URLs, and colors for each button. (Note: CTA buttons can also be customized for each individual calculator on your "Calculators" screen, but this will help set your defaults). 

  • Step 4: Uploading your logo:

    • Click the upload button to add your logo.

    • Ensure that the logo has a transparent or white background.

    • The recommended dimensions for the logo are 200 x 36 pixels.