Making Changes To Your Calculators

How can you make changes to your existing calculators?

To edit your calculators, go to the manage calculator screen, and click “edit” for the one you want to change.  

Choose your color scheme

  • If you need to change your colors to reflect your brand colors, you can edit them here.

Update title and subtitle copy

  • Edit your title and subtitle copy for the calculator. This is your chance to make the copy unique to your brand. Change the tone, voice, style. Insert high value SEO keywords. 
  • If you want to hide your title and/or subtitle, you can do so by leaving this section blank and no title will show up.  This way you can leverage your CMS or web team to pair the calculator with additional copy.

Customize calls to actions

  • Add the CTA buttons, and determine their text, URL, and whether they open to a new page. 
  • If you are using UTM parameters, add those as a part of the button URL

Custom labels, rates, and values for each calculator

  • The label copy is fully customizable
  • The tooltips can be added and are fully customizable, and if you want to hide the tooltip, just leave that section blank. 
  • All of the default values in the calculators can be set from here. You also can determine what shows up in the dropdowns. Every value on the calculator can be adjusted.