Getting Started With Chimney

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This article is designed as an FAQ to highlight some of the key features and most commonly asked questions from our partners. In the Answer Center, you will find many more articles that highlight specific parts of our offering.


Q: How do I contact the Chimney team if I have a technical or billing question?

A: You can get in touch with our team in two ways for the fastest response. When you email our US based team, we create a ticket to ensure a timely resolution to your questions.

📫 Send us an email -

💬 Chat us in the platform - you can find the “Help Chat” in the bottom left corner of the platform

Q: How do I publish calculators to my website?

A: Follow the simple process below to get set up quickly.

Step One: Select your calculators from our Pre Built Template Library

Step Two: Use the set up wizard on the top right of Brand Settings to customize the calculators to your needs (Update the colors, fonts, and the copy on each calculator).

Step Three: Generate a simple embed code and publish calculators on any page of your website.  How to generate an embed code.

Step Four: Use the Analytics Dashboard to measure performance over time


Q: Where can I find the publishing code for the calculators?

A: Check out our publishing FAQ for step by step instruction on how to get the Chimney Calculators up and running on your website. 

Remember: Once you’ve added the embed code to your site, any changes to the calculators done via the platform will automatically show up. The code won’t change, and you can do all the customization you need in real-time.


Q: How can I invite other team members?

A: In the platform on the bottom left hand side you can invite additional team members. We do not charge by seat or user so feel free to invite as many team mates as you'd like!


Q: How do I style my calculators?

A: Brand Settings


Q: How do I update CTAs

A: CTAs under brand settings


Q: How do I configure my calculators?

A: Under Brand Settings, you have the opportunity to update the following items.

  • Brand Colors
  • Button Styles
  • Fonts
  • Calls to Action
  • Disclaimer Language
  • Logos


Q: How can I preview and share my calculator designs?

A: From the "Calculators" section on the left hand navigation --> click into the specific calculator you want to preview. Once you are looking at the calculator, in the top left you can easily preview three different versions: Desktop, Mobile, and Floating Widget. 


Q: Do you have a platform overview? 

A: Yes please see the following short videos for a walk through of each section of the platform. 

What all is included in the platform? Platform Overview




Brand Settings Analytics


Q: How can I set up Floating Widgets?

A: Floating Widgets are an amazing way to increase engagement and conversions. You have floating widgets included for every one of your calculators and you can publish them on as many URLs as you'd like.

Many of our clients choose to publish floating widgets on product pages, landing pages, and even article pages for a specific topic (for example a "mortgage calculator" widget on an article page for "How Much Home Can You Afford?"

To add a Widget, on the left hand navigation, click into "Widgets". From there click "Add Widget".