Analytics Overview

How can you measure the results of your financial calculators?

In this article,  we cover the analytics dashboard overview as well as how to set up UTM parameters.



  • Pageviews (uniques & totals)
  • Conversions: how many people are clicking the CTAs and going further down the funnel
  • Engagement: how many people are actually using the calculator? We determine this by measuring Engagement as a visitor who has changed at least two inputs in the calculator, 


Breakdown View:

The breakdown how each page is performing. 

  • Top pages: The pages that have the highest amount of traffic. 
  • Top destinations: The CTA destinations that have the highest number of conversions. 

UTM Recommendation: 

In the platform, navigate to the "Calculators" section. From there click "Edit" and then under "Customize calls to action" you can open "Add UTM parameters to this CTA link"

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 9.27.20 AM