Integrating with Google Analytics

How can you use Google Analytics to measure performance?

The first thing to decide is what do we want to track? When most teams measure the performance of their calculators, they want the following questions answered:

  • Pageviews: how many visitors (uniques & totals) are the calculator pages getting?
  • Pageview trends: is traffic increasing, decreasing, or remaining consistent over time?
  • Conversion rates: how many people are clicking the CTA buttons and moving down the funnel?
  • Conversion trends: are conversions going up, down, or remaining consistent over time? 

By default, the Signal Intent analytics gives an overview of this data, but what if you want to see this data in Google Analytics? 

Tracking Pageviews in GA

You can track calculator specific pageviews in GA by setting up campaign tracking with UTM codes on all of your inbound links to the calculator pages. 

Tracking Conversions in GA

You can track calculator specific button clicks (CTA conversions) by setting up  Event Tracking on the click events. One way to implement this is by using Google Tag Manager to fire tags in response to events like button clicks.