How can I track conversions from your calculators?

Here's how easy it is to monitor conversions from your calculators using tracking parameters.

We launch our calculators natively on your website using JavaScript which means you have a lot of options when it comes to measuring conversions. With iFrames, your options for tracking are severely limited.  Here are two of the most common ways our clients set up to track conversions.


Setting Up UTMs

With our platform, you can easily enable tracking parameters with our CTA buttons. These can be set up either with dynamic or static links based on on the URL. If your 3rd party loan application tool can pick up on those parameters, then you'll track that all the way through.


Google Tag Manager

If you are a bit more sophisticated, you may want to set up custom tracking with Google Tag Manager - with this set up you can easily tag conversions using CTA buttons and clicks as events. 


In summary, if you can dream it up, you can set it up. We've set up our technology to work seamlessly and allow for tracking either in our platform or in your own ecosystem.