How to configure custom interest rates on my calculators?

If you have a rates table powering the rates across your website, you can update those automatically within Chimney's calculatsdfors. asdfasd There are two ways to get your custom interest rates onto the calculators:

1. Using Query Params to grab your custom rates

2. Zillow Integration for national daily averages


1. Using Query Parameters

If you have a rates table powering the rates across your website, there are two ways to use query params to add your custom rates to the calculators.

It can either be done by adding query params to the URL in the Address Bar, or by appending them to the end of the embed code script.

via Address Bar

Address Bar URL example:

via Embed code

In this example you would append the query params to the end of the script, and replace the hardcoded example number with a variable, and grab the ID of the field you want to target via the Admin platform (screenshot below).

<script src=''></script>

Grab the ID of the field to target and set it to your dynamic values:
Notice the ID in the screenshot below is CD_TERM_RATE.

So in this case, you'd set the 12 month term length in the query parameters like this:
And the interest rate would for the 12 month term be set to 3.83% and the initial deposit would be $1,000. Notice that with terms/interest there's the period syntax because it's got a term length and an interest value, and the other fields don't include the period because they are just the value of the input.

Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 5.35.27 PM

Note: this technique works to dynamically set not only the interest rates, but any input field on the calculator with that input field's ID.

2. Using the Zillow Integration (for Mortgage rates only)

Turn on the Zillow integration (these are updated daily with the national averages, based on an average FICO score). This is the "out of the box" solution and requires no customization on your end. 

This can be done in the Advanced Customization section for the following calculators:

  • Mortgage
  • Mortgage Refi
  • Home Affordability
  • Income Required for a Mortgage
  • Refinance Interest Savings
  • Cash Out Refinance
  • Loan Term Comparison

Screen Shot 2023-10-16 at 1.55.44 PM