How to customize your brand settings

Here is the step by step guide to customizing your branding and styling templates.

Our Calculator Management Platform consists of four main areas: 

  • Brand Settings: Within Brand Settings is where you can customize your global brand settings, like color scheme, logo, fonts, call-to-action buttons and legal copy. 
  • Dashboard: See a list of your accounts calculators and key metrics. 
  • Manage Calculators: This is where you can edit, preview and publish the calculators in your account. 
  • Analytics: Once you are live, now you can measure the success of your program. 

Customizing Global Brand Settings

This is the first step to getting your calculators live. It’s important to set up your brand. These are global settings (for example colors and fonts) that will be applied to all of your live calculators. 

  • Customize your brand colors: Customize your brand colors by clicking the button that says “Add New”. Pick your three primary hex codes, name your new color scheme, and then click “update”

    • Select your fonts: Choose your font, and font sizes that best represent your brand (note: you can hide the title and subtitle copy on your manage calculator screen).

      • Default call to actions (CTAs) Now it’s time to choose your two call to action buttons. Pick the copy, colors, and URLs for each button. Of course, you can edit this for each individual calculator, but this will help set your defaults. 

        • Uploading your logo: In order to upload your logo, simply click the upload button and upload the file. The background should be transparent or white. The recommended dimensions are 200 x 36 pixels. 

          • Inviting your team: Invite your teammates! With Signal Intent you have unlimited seats for your team to collaborate with you. So take advantage and make sure they have access to all of the great tools, data and insights.